34. KETO-ADPKD: What Were The Study's Results?

In this episode, The PKD Dietitian geeks out a bit looking at the recently published results of the KETO-ADPKD trial.  This is the very first randomized controlled trial (RCT) looking at PKD and ketogenic diet therapy, if there was any impact on the kidneys, or if it is even doable.  

Listen in for a look at:

- what was being tested

- how the study was set up

- were there any significant results?

- what did the ketogenic diet therapy look like

- The PKD Dietitian's thoughts & questions



  1. All participants tested ketones at home using a breath meter.  Only the Ketogenic Diet group had blood ketone levels tested, at their center visits.
  2. Participants in the Ketogenic Group received 10%, not 10 grams, of their fat from MCT.



[FULL ARTICLE] Feasibility and impact of ketogenic dietary interventions in polycystic kidney disease: KETO-ADPKD—a randomized controlled trial 

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