31. Anxiety: Understanding What It Is And 3 Self-Support Strategies With Guest Nicole Williams

Today, on the PKD Dietitian Podcast, we are joined by special guest Nicole Williams.  Join the conversation as we talk about anxiety and PKD.  Nicole is a Certified Life and Mindset Coach who works within the kidney and PKD community.  She specializes in a person-centered, and non-judgemental approach to help clients develop the capacity (and tools!) to deal with their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.

We are going to discuss what anxiety is, how it can feel physically and mentally, and 3 strategies you can use to break the anxiety loop.  

Did you know that over 60% of folks in the PKD Community experience feelings of anxiety and depression?  Let's talk about it, remove the stigma around it, and support each other in this PKD Health Journey.  

Nicole views life coaching "as the language of hope".  And we hope you walk away today with clarity, some tools to help, and the knowledge that you aren't alone. 



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